Play Paradigms

Play Paradigms – An open elective by National Institute of Design. The Open Elective is a set of two-week long multidisciplinary workshops offered to the second year students of the Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) and the first-year students of the Master of Design (M.Des.) programmes across the three NID campuses in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Bengaluru. Some of the primary objectives of the Open Elective are to inculcate trans-disciplinary approaches, explorations, experimentation, expansion of thinking, consciousness, and possibilities amongst the students.

This year my elective based on Paper Engineering and Pop ups (Fun With Pop-Ups | OE2203) has been selected and the classes will begin from 14th-25th Feb 2022. It is inclined in the areas of Materials, Mediums and Methods of Play – Exploring the tangible aspects paper and creating layered storytelling movable experiences. We would also look into Interactive Play Experiences and would be creating learning environments with narratives.

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PLAY, in its simplest form, means to actively engage in a joyful activity. It connects us deeply with our senses and promotes physical, cognitive and social well-being. Play has the power to create experiences that are interactive, exploratory, full of fun, humour & fantasy, that are manifested through a variety of mediums and methods. It is also a part of world heritage encompassing our indigenous and traditional narratives of storytelling, performing arts and crafts. Play also holds the power to act as a simple solution to improve people’s lives. Today, as the boundaries of structured education break down; play has also become an important component of holistic learning. As we move towards an unpredictable future, we seem to have a greater understanding of the need for socialisation and interaction, merging of the physical and virtual, social structures and our institutions The future also poses many challenges:the responsibilities of a democratic society, the challenges of education, the meaning of entertainment, the need for employment and support to the disadvantaged sections of society and the need for an equitable, sustainable future. There is a need to acknowledge the shift in people’s mindset towards the neo-ideals of purpose, rejuvenation, and transformation. It is this spirit of resilience and playfulness that we seek to understand and celebrate.

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