Courses Taught

  • DS 5193 Advanced Typography
  • DS5013 Design Fundamentals
  • DS5076 Design Lecture Series
  • DS2073 Advanced Graphic Design
  • DS2012 Illustrations and Drawing
  • DS1070 Evolution of Design
  • DS5064 Design Drawing & Sketching
  • DS2223 UI & UX
  • DS2203 Publication Design
  • DS5103 Graphic & Information Design
  • DS1163 Basic Graphic Design
  • DS3813 Basics of Design
  • DS3163 Graphic Narratives
  • DS3853 The Art of Paper Engineering

Visiting Faculty

NID Ahmedabad

Courses Taught: Illustration, Fun with Pop-Ups (NID International Elective 2022)

NID Bhopal

Courses Taught: Design Thoughts and Discourse, 2021

Guest Speaker

SPA Bhopal
NIT Srinagar

Projects Guided

MDes Project 3 DS6095  Diksha Singh (2019-21), UI/UX Case Study Application for CSMVS Museum, Mumbai

MDes Project 3 DS6095  Shreya Balakrishnan (2019-21), Data collection application to study and generate trends of the after effects of COVID-19 in recovered patients

BDes Project 1 Ashish B (2019-23), AIMS Portal Redesign

Projects Guided

MDes Project 1  Apurva Ganesh Kalhe (2020-22), Cash Hike – An Interactive Board Game Design

MDes Project 1  Archana C S (2020-22), Tomo: Refining motor skills through toys for Dyspraxic children

MDes Project 1  Mahima Dahekar (2020-22), UI Assets & Application for the Book – Brahmi – Rediscovering the Lost Script & VR Application

MDes Project 1  Anirban Barthakur (2020-22), Food Waste Management in Mess – IIT Hyderabad

MDes Project 1  Gaurav Singh (2020-22), Pop up Book Design

MDes Project 2  Nikita Pegu (2020-22), Design of an Anti-Procrastination App thats helps with Productivity by using Visual Rewards

MDes Project 2  Apoorva and Archana (2020-22), Devising Methods of Digital Exhibition & Display Tools for Designers

Thesis Projects

MDes Thesis (DS6115) Mahima Dahekar (2020-22), Mending our Minds using AI Analytics (Imbesideyou Japan)

MDes Thesis (DS6115) Archana CS (2020-22), Designing the interaction for Digital Thread (Seimens)

MDes Thesis (DS6115) Apurva Kalhe (2020-22), Self-Healing of Anxiety through an Intelligent System (Imbesideyou Japan)

MDes Thesis (DS6115) Nikita Pegu (2020-22), Bringing Sex Education to Rural Women and Adolescents through an interactive Pop-Up Book (Live Project)

MDes Thesis (DS6115) Anirban Barthakur (2020-22), Enhancing Customer Experience for Home Interiors (Livspace)

MDes Thesis (DS6115) Diksha Singh (2019-21), To bring forth the Gond Art of Patangarh through Publication Design

MDes Thesis (DS6115) Sahil Hegde (2019-21), Ritualistic Folk Art of Tulunadu, Bhoota Aradhane: An Illustrated Picturebook