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A Tribute to Bundela Painting, 2022 ISBN: 978-8193208564

Brahmi – Rediscovering the Lost Script, 2016 ISBN: 978-8193208519 (Cataloged at The British Library London, Oxford University, SOAS London, University of Pennsylvania)

Magic of Mandu – Suhur-e -Shaadiabad, 2019
ISBN: 978-8193208540 (Cataloged at The Oxford University)

Concept | Visualizer | Designer:

Wild Escapades around Central India, 2015
ISBN: 978-8193208502

Insects and Spiders of Kanha Tiger Reserve, 2016
ISBN 978-8193208526

Xplore Mandu Guidebook, 2017 (Cataloged at The British Library, London)
ISBN 978-8193208533

Xplore Khajuraho Guidebook, 2019
ISBN 978-8193208557

2022-Present | Editor | Editorial Board Member :

KirIITH – The Crowning Glory | A Quarterly Magazine of IIT Hyderabad
ISSN: 2583-7222 (Online)

Volume 5 | Issue-1| April 2023 | Rural Development Initiatives @IITH


2023 | Author | Researcher :

Design Intervention to increase awareness about investment and generating interest in finance among children through Gamification

Exploring new idioms for books as interactive experiences in digital domain

Heritage preservation with Virtual Reality (VR): Recreating the lost glory of the medieval metropolis of Mandu

Designing a learning toy for children with Constructional Dyspraxia to improve their Visual intelligence

Trends in the Gond Aesthetics and Narrative Styles in Graphic Novels.

ICORD 2023, IISC Bangalore International Conference on Research into Design 2023, Design in the Era of Industry 4.0, Volume. ”, ISBN 978-9819902927

2021 | Author | Researcher :

Typographical Investigation of Mauryan Brahmi – Origin, Evolution & Role in development of Indic and Southeast Asian Scripts (Published Paper) TypoDay 2021 Conference, IIT Bombay Read Full Paper here

Devising new teachings methodologies during the COVID-19 pandemic Grafist 24-25 2021, Istanbul

An experiment representing pandemic experiences with Words, Visuals, and a fusion of both. Comin 2021, IIT Delhi

Watercolor Illustration of Grey Langur from Satpura Tiger Reserve
Pen Drawing of Black Drongo from Kanha National Park

“In this world nothing remains of good men, except their goodness.”

Quote from the Rare Round Kufic, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, India