Embark*Explore*Experience ANCIENT EGYPT with Augmented Reality

ISBN: 978-8193208571
Author, Concept & Publication Design

Have you ever wondered how human civilizations evolve, and how they collapse? How does natural congeniality impact any civilization, and cater to their material, creative, and spiritual needs? Ancient Egypt, famously known as the Gift of the Nile, is uniquely exceptional in the annals of human history, for a multitude of reasons. The list of ‘Firsts’ is long, and the benchmarks have remained unparalleled even after millenia. Ancient Egypt has not only retained its mysterious aura and magical charm but also become synonymous with eternal amazement. Come, let’s … Embark, explore, and experience this intoxicating concoction, a blend of intriguing mystery and never-ending astonishment with augmented reality (AR), from the comfort of your homes! Let’s relive Ancient Egypt! Medium of the book: Hardbound

Contributors: Athul K, Rutvik Kokate, Gokul R, Brinda, Siddharth Sangal, Mandira VR, Malay Mandal

A Tribute to Bundela Painting

ISBN: ‎ 978-8193208564
Author & Publication Design

This exhaustive research is a long pending effort at documenting the fading imprints of the Bundela Kalam. Focusing mainly on the erstwhile Bundela centers of Orchha and Datia in Central India, the volume starts off with a thorough investigation of the historical and cultural background of Bundelkhand, trying to understand the many contributing factors. A comparative analysis of extant manuscripts belonging to the Bundela Kalam is then pursued vigorously before a scintillating galaxy of vibrant Bundela murals is unveiled. With this pioneering photographic documentation, making use of the latest medium format optical gadgetry, the author has successfully captured the true essence of Bundela Kalam even in its somewhat dilapidated state. Studded with specially commissioned imagery, the book opens up many new avenues hitherto unassociated with painting traditions of medieval Bundelkhand. Size of the book: Coffee Table Book Format – (12 inch X 12 inch )

“Ankita’s narrative is carefully woven with the temporal and spatial sequence of norm and form, and provides a broad view of the change, through 16th to 19th century A.D, from an energetic, fluent, vivid and volumetric style to a more sedate, heavy handed, pedestrian and linear style. She shows the juxtaposition and fusion of styles in the transitions from Mughal through Rajput to colonial themes, motifs and dresses, in a comparative overview of mahals and chattris at Orchha, Datia and Bundelkhand. Her photographs bring out the turbulent vigour, ebullience and folksy intimacy of the Bundela Kalam, and its polychromatic use of material, to emphasize the malleability of stone, as against the courtly, aristocratic, restrained Mughal and Central Asian mural tradition.” Excerpts from Foreword by Dr. Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty

Contributors: Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty, Malay Mandal, Govind Pal

The Magic of Mandu – Suhur-e-Shaadiabad

ISBN: 978-8193208540
Author & Publication Design

Winner of the National Tourism Award under the Category – ” Excellence in Publishing in English. The Magic of Mandu – ” Suhur-e-Shaadiabad” (The Medieval Metropolis of Malwa) This collaborative effort was aimed at recreating the lost splendor of Mandu – a medieval metropolis – that thrived between 1401-1650 CE and went on to become the largest fortified capital in the whole world. With its multi-cultural beginnings, Mandu evolved as an originator of art and architecture in Indian Subcontinent. But all that is past and forgotten! “The Magic of Mandu” wants to set right the historical facts and accord Mandu the stature and respect it rightfully deserves. By making use of specially commissioned artistic visualizations, an attempt was made to depict Mandu as it looked in its heydays. In the very heart of the Indian Subcontinent, “Highlands of Central India” constitute an important landscape that has fostered human population since time immemorial. To its north-west, an extended elevated plateau of volcanic origin “Malwa” nurtured by a plethora of criss-crossing rivers, presented the most congenial climatic conditions for human habitation. This otherwise dull landscape is sprinkled with low-rise isolated hillocks, generally devoid of human presence. However, one such prominent outcrop went beyond the obvious and reached the zenith of urban sophistication. Size of the book: Coffee Table Book Format – (8 inch X 8 inch )

Brahmi – Rediscovering the lost script

ISBN: 978-8193208519
Author & Publication Design

‘Brahmi’ probably the most ancient script known to India, majorly seen during 4th – 3rd century BCE, during the reign of Asoka the great. The book is a comprehensive analysis of the Brahmi as a script in addition to covering all major Brahmi inscriptions found in India, and its boundaries. This book also talks about ancient writing styles and how they further developed into various other descendants. Numerous historical tidbits have been pieced together for the sake of maintaining continuity and interest. The challenging task of translating large amount of text into visual data has also been achieved through plethora of photographs, illustrations, and chronological timelines.

Van Vihar & Malaria Epidemic Monitor

UX-UI Design

Malaria being a life threatening disease may be taken very casually in many parts of the world and the major zones that fall into Malaria epidemic zones are the parts of  Africa and India. The main reason for people for not being so attentive and remain carefree is the simple symptom known as fever. Many a times this fever goes very high and is accompanied with headaches and vomiting tendencies. Lot many times the patient is unable to reach to the healthcare providers or patients caretakers do not know about the complexities or what care should be taken during that time. Due to this reason the design solution will focus on addressing the need for awareness and will keep the option open for answering multiple questions; this may be in terms of connecting people directly in fields.