Play Paradigms is an open elective offered by the National Institute of Design. The Open Elective is a set of two-week-long multidisciplinary workshops offered to the second-year students of the Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) and the first-year students of the Master of Design (M.Des.) programmes across the three NID campuses in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Bengaluru. I offered an elective on Paper Engineering and Pop-Ups (Fun With Pop-Ups | OE2203) from February 14–25, 2022, for Play Paradigms.

Really delighted to showcase some of the works done by my students. It was presented at the concluding session.

Pop-Up Workshop experience

I feel lucky to have selected this particular elective subject. I have been excited even before the module started, as the idea of being able to recreate something similar to my childhood pop-up book sounds incredibly fun.

However, the sessions turned out even better, to my surprise. We were shown a lot of beautiful books throughout the process. We were inspired to create one ourselves. This was especially effective for me. Also, learning by doing was the key mantra throughout the module. We tried a lot of techniques, which eventually helped us pick just the right ones for our story. Giving a lot of time towards the end to work on our own project was also very understanding.

All in all, it was a very enriching and refreshing experience at the same time.

Thanking you,


Shruti Roy, MDes

AFD, NID Ahmedabad

Thank you for the amazing workshop. I enjoyed it and learned so many things. I still have a lot to practice and learn about pop-ups. You made the entire two weeks seem very fun, and your way of teaching was easy for me to follow up on too. I could create something very interesting with the limited resources available to me, and that was very satisfying in the end. I hope to see you and work with you soon.