Jill & Lion

There is an inherent joy in going through this beautifully illustrated fun story with lots of colourful elements and morals for the kids. Written and illustrated by Lesley Barnes.


It’s a perilous journey that Jill and Dog takes to free the King of the jungle from the Circus & the Ringmaster. The story goes on along with the beautiful graphical pages with lots of animals mostly to be found in an African subcontinent. Although to my surprise I could see a Tiger peeking into the images which is mostly an Indian or perhaps a more Asian origin. The kids would thoroughly enjoy this special book.

The story has lots of Morals for the young minds. One of my favourites from the book is the part when a strong gust of wind blew Lion’s King Hat and Jill added – ” You don’t need a crown. Its what inside that makes you special and you are fantastic.

In it in-fact amazing to know that the Bauhaus Ballet Pop up book is also illustrated by the same illustrator – Lesley Barnes.

Check out her work at https://www.handsomefrank.com/illustrators/lesley-barnes

2 thoughts on “Jill & Lion”

  1. The line “You dont need a crown. Its what inside what makes you special” is SOOO GOOD. Its just so special and is definitely going to inspire young minds.

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