Across my years of research & industrial exposure, I have developed diverse Interest areas that encompass both “PRINT” and “DIGITAL” media. I have always believed in learning continuously in addition to my professional obligations. Some of the areas of my research interests are:
(i) Tessellations & Geometry
(ii) Heritage Documentation
(iii) Typography & Ancient Scripts
(iv) Paper Engineering
(v) Kufic Calligraphy
(vi) UX and UI Design
(vii) Experiential & Multi-sensory Design

“Design is One”, “If you can design one thing, you can design everything.” These are the words by Massimo Vignelli and I believe it completely. Passionate about acquiring and assimilating knowledge while constantly experimenting and innovating. I continually strive to explore new knowledge domains while steadily enhancing my design skills with the objective of making human experiences more rich, pleasant, and convenient.

Creativity is pivotal to design; with my academic engagements & varied work experience. My creative interests include:
(i) Publication and Book Design
(ii) Info-graphics & Data Visualization
(iii) UX and UI Design
(iv) Website Design
(v) Print Design
(vi) Exhibition & Displays
(vii) Store Planning & Designing
(viii) Illustration in both medium (hand-drawn and digital)
(ix) Environmental Graphics
(x) Cartographic Info-Graphics
(xi) Perspective drawing
(xii) Pop-Up Book Design
(xiii) Architectural Ground Plans
(xiv) Architectural Reconstruction

I am also an avid nature lover and a budding ornithologist. Other than my professional commitments, I spend time traveling through the uncharted and draw my inspiration from it.